As a pre and primary school, we enhance comprehensiveness, flexibility and diversity of children’s learning. The curriculum addresses the developmental objectives for young children in different curricular domains.


  • Developing human excellence, competence, consciousness, compassion, commitment.
  • Loyalty to home, to school, to society, to the country realizing oneness.
  • Developing environmental consciousness.


“Harmonious Development Of your Child’s Talents”

To develop a holistic personality within your child we’ve incorporated a number of co-scholastic activities into the curriculum by providing ample opportunity for the children to express themselves through debates, visual art competitions, elocution, drama, speech and art contests – Life skills, physical education and outbound programs are integral part of the curriculum.


At SLN, Our primary school curriculum is planned as an extension of pre-primary, focusing on all the developmental areas. The curriculum includes a well-structured schedule that mixes learning and play, all carefully orchestrated for inspiring the kids to enjoy and learn, expand their horizons and improve their imaginations and creativity. It is Trans-disciplinary, thus helping students to correlate the learning with the real world scenarios.

The focus is on developing the basic concepts in core subjects (English, mathematics, sciences, art, music and physical education) through activities, projects, and work-sheets.

Teaching Methodology


This forests participation and collaboration and allows the learners to interact with the real world.


This provides opportunties to learn through discovery which helps the learners to be creators, thinkers and problem solvers.


This provides the learners an opportunity to acquire knowledge in a more holistic way. It builds on a variety of disciplines and learning environment.


Subjects are taught as ways of thinking which reflects on intelligence.


It helps the learners to apply thinking models and diverse strategies and develops communication capacity.

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  • The first thing that most Javascript programmers
  • End up doing is adding some code
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