Learning by doing/experimenting is the purpose behind the Science laboratories, here the students are getting answers for their "How" questions. Practical experience will help them to conceptualize their knowledge. Our science lab is very much ventilated and naturally illuminated. Freedom is given to them to re-explore scientific facts.

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Every student of our school is a member of our school library. So during their leisure time they are advised to make use of library to enhance their reading habit. About 6 science magazines, 25 children magazines and many dailies of multiple languages are being subscribed. There are about 10000+ books representing various titles are adorning the book shelves. Book issues happening regularly and the students are given maximum two weeks time to return the books. Previous month magazines are also given for home reading.

The library is helping the children to carry out their book based activities like book review, open book tests and so on. Dailies and other magazines are helping them to do their projects, seminars, report writing and debates. Students are encouraged to submit articles for class wise monthly magazines.

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Our school canteen is devoid of any junk foods instead, nutritive organic food are supplied for children and staff as well. Millets, Groundnuts like cereal products are served as snacks.


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School transport system is to help the parents who can’t drop and pick up their children. It can be operated only on specific timings in the mutually agreed drop and pick up points. However it can’t be operated during the inclement weather and external disturbance.

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With the art of state facility spacious grounds for throw ball, volley ball, basketball, handball and 200 meter athlete tracks are catering the needs of sports lovers.

Separate skating synthetic rink helps the children to train Roller skating.

Children are learning water activities in toddler’s pool.

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To develop a holistic personality within your child we’ve incorporated a number of co-scholastic activities into the curriculum By providing ample opportunity for the children to express themselves through debates, visual art competitions, elocution, drama, speech and art contests – Life skills, physical education and outbound programs are integral part of the curriculum.Ample facilities are provided for sports and games through vast grounds and wide range of sports equipment.


classes are conducted to make the children physically fit and bold.


are being conducted from IV Std onwards to help them in their creativity and mechanics.


to develop the public speaking, communication and promote leadership skills through them.


classes, to develop the mind of children towards service and responsibilities.


classes are also being conducted.


classes are conducted to enhance our traditional origin.


classes are conducted to strengthen the body and mind


is taught for our children to know about the values and lessons one needs to know in their life.


have been introduced from VI Std onwards for the students to indulge in their contribution towards the Society..


from VI Std onwards for both boys and girls to cultivate our lost Indian Traditional Martial Art.

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