Our School


Our Founders

The journey started in 1985 where we were operating as a Nursery & Primary School teaching around 10 Students. The School’s future took a new course once it was taken over by our Correspondent Mrs. Radha Ramesh whose continuous dedication, hardwork along with her vision to serve our community had made the school grow continuously. A new Nursery & Primary School was founded in 1999 and our strength began to increase. There was an incredible demand from our parents and along with their support we were able to expand into a bigger better school in providing quality and reliable education. The Matriculation School was founded in 2007 affiliated to the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Why Choose Us

  • Your child’s education is a partnership between the parent and the school. We pride ourselves in providing them a nurturing environment.The Children are encouraged to reach their full potential to think creatively and laterally.

  • We strengthen the kids for future challenges and opportunities, making them strong, self independent and principled. As a School, We endeavour not only to educate but create an environment that builds confidence, inspire them to be whoever they want to be by giving the right base of education.

  • We look forward to create an admirable experience for your child and you.


    To achieve excellence in learning both within the classroom and beyond. To empower teachers to guide children with means to construct knowledge. To bring back an element of joy to school surroundings which would nurture the child to grow into full bloom.


    To provide each student a diverse education that promotes self-discipline, sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness and excellence in learning and build the base foundation for the nation to grow stronger in the coming years.

    Correspondent’s Note

    “Every Child is unique and have their own infinite beauty. We at Lakshminarayana ensure that our children blossom into their own original selves, with strong core values and support holistic development of the child as a learner.”

    Mrs. Radha Ramesh (Correspondent)

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